Kid Playing with Bubble

It's Child Abuse Prevention Month

Read below for 3 ways you can support safety for kids.

Tip #1

Go online with your child, model safe internet use, and talk to your child about safe and respectful online behavior. 

Tip #2

Talk to your child about body safety and consent. When we talk to children in age-appropriate ways about our bodies and boundaries, we empower them. It teaches them that they have the right to say “no.”

Tip #3

If a child discloses abuse to you, believe them. One reason a child may not disclose abuse is because they fear they may not be believed or supported. It’s important to respond responsibly: listen, believe and get help. Don’t assume someone else will make a report.

Call 1-855-503-SAFE to report abuse

Kids FIRST is Lane County's Children's Advocacy Center.  Our mission is to provide intervention & advocacy  to children who are victims of, or witnesses to, crime.